Man Catches Wife Cheating

I didn’t even know what to title this blog when it happened… but maybe after typing this interesting interaction out I can think of a title.

One normal weekend I was on the phone with my good friend.  We will call her Summer.  Summer and I talk on the phone quite often and today was nothing less than normal… or so I thought.

Summer proceeds to tell me this story her brother told her about his friend.  We will call the brother Darrell and the friend Javon.  Mind you, this brother has 11 kids.  So he doesn’t have any room to talk.  But anyways, here is the story.

Darrell tells Summer that Javon has a contracting job overseas.  Javon comes home and catches his wife fucking another man on their kitchen counter.  The Dude (yes, we don’t know his name) leaves, I can suspect in a hurry because he was having sex with someone’s wife that wasn’t his, but ya know.

The weird part is Javon doesn’t freak out according to Darrell.  Javon just smoothly tells his wife “I’m about to leave, clean yourself up for when I get back.”  THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!

Well what do you all think?  Leave comments below about how you feel about this story.  What would you do if you caught your spouse or significant other cheating on you?

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