Get Your Crown from Queen Bonnet

As a blogger, I would like to support other bloggers and entrepreneurs alike. This particular business owner and entrepreneur I am featuring on my blog today is someone that I have done business with.

The pictures and accounts of this particular advertisement is from first hand experience and I would like to share this information with my current audience.

The company is called Queen Bonnet. The amazing woman that sent me the product was patient, kind, efficient, and her product was authentic!!!

I purchased a total of four bonnets with matching masks. The bonnets were reversible and my choice of satin material on the inside. The masks were adjustable with barbell type buttons on the side. The quality is amazing and they are so easy to clean.

(l to r) All four bonnets showing the outer layer and the satin interior. The matching masks are featured. The mannequin is wearing a bonnet to show the length and coverage of the bonnet. The right image depicts a gold color bonnet that Queen Bonnet offers.

To purchase your crown and matching mask, contact Sophia Thurman at Sophia’s UniqueBonnets. Telephone (619) 822-7888.

Place an order and leave a review in the comments for a chance to win a $25 dollar Amazon Gift Card. Winner will be announced when the drawing is closed in 30 days.


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