Don’t Become the Prey on the Job Hunt

Disclaimer: This blog post is based off of true and recent events. The names of those involved will be changed to protect their identities.

About a week ago, there was this lady, we will call her Ashley. She was looking for a job and she came across this post in a Facebook group. The group was comprised of veterans that were seeking contracting jobs. Anyway, this gentleman, will call him James creates a post in the group that says “text this number for a work from home job in data entry.” So, she texts the number.

After submitting a text message with her name, phone number and email address, it took about three days for this person to respond. Things seemed normal. Then Ashley was asked by an individual by the name of Mike to download this secure messaging app called Telegram. The interview process was freakishly long for it to be done via message in a texting app.

Things got all the more stranger when Ashley was not able to receive emails from Mike, when he was supposed to send important information. Still, Ashley needed a job so she signed a work contract and sent it back over the chat.

For her office, Mike promised funding for her printer and computer, so she was like hell yeah! I can start right now. Mike said he was sending her the check for mobile deposit and asked for the name of her bank. He seemed legit because he didn’t ask for any routing or account numbers.

Here is where it gets fun! Mike sends Ashley a check for over $4k, but it’s from a catering company no where near where they are. Then, on the back of the check there is the phrase “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY TO ***** BANK”. The bank name is kept anonymous for obvious reasons. Mike tells Ashley to deposit this check into her bank account and message him as soon as she does.

Ashley ain’t no dummy!! When Ashley sees this suspicious check, she immediately call the bank question and reports this incident to the fraud department. She then calls the catering company and lets them know that their company name is being used in vein. Later that day she blocks Mike on the Telegram app and deletes the app altogether.

In closing, the job market is full of opportunities since the pandemic is coming to an end. Do not get so caught up in the job hunt, that you fall victim to heinous financial fraud.

Created By: ToniLuuvs2Blog


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